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The Specs
Facts About the Timmis-Ford V-8

Chassis Frame: 1934 Ford restored to new condition.
Title: 1934 Ford, with original Ford Serial Number stamped in frame.
Body: Handmade by Timmis Motor Company.
Engine: 1949-54 125 H.P. Ford Flathead V-8 Custom. Remanufactured at Ford of Canada Remanufacturing Plant to modern specification.
Transmission: 3 speed Synchromesh Ford, custom assembled by Timmis Motor Company with Borg Warner and Ford internal parts.
Rear Axle: Modern Ford fitted with parallel springs, telescopic shocks, open drive line; all Ford parts.
Brakes: Ford Lockheed front; Ford Bendix rear.
Steering: Ford; worm and roller. Modern components.
Cooling System: Harrison Pressurized Core. Twin water pumps.
Electrical: 12 volt. All modern components.
Wheels: Original Ford 16" wire spoke.
Tires: Firestone 6:00 x 16 choice of white or black.
Miscellaneous: Each car supplied with: Car Cover, Owner's Manual, Sales Brochure, Parts List.


July 5, 1986: Timmis-Ford V-8 wins "People's Choice" at Early Ford V-8 Club of America Western National Meet. Wins award over 418 restored original cars on display.
July 1982: Timmis-Ford V-8 enters prestigious Forest Grove, Oregon, USA, Concours d'Elegance. Judges examine car closely; make notes; asks owner questions regarding modern mechanical parts in "this beautifully restored original car"!!
May 1980: ROAD & TRACK, 2-page article concludes: "The Timmis-Ford V-8 is like a custom tailored suit."
March 1970: Timmis-Ford V-8 voted "Most Popular Car of the Year" by readers of ROD & CUSTOM magazine.


Driving the Car: Excellent highway car for long distance driving. Cruising speed 55 M.P.H..
Abundant luggage space plus seating for four persons. Simple reliable
mechanical design for peace of mind away from home.
Parts and Service: Factory made car using all standard Ford mechanical parts. Part
availability excellent throughout all of North America and Europe. Parts interchangeable with those of other Ford models. Part prices lower than on
many "modern" cars. Parts list, complete with part numbers and names of
suppliers, provided with each car. Factory assistance available on
twenty-four hour basis.
Value as an Investment:
In the thirty years that Timmis-Ford V-8's have been in production, no one has ever yet been able to buy one for less than it sold for new. Timmis Motor Company's outstanding reputation ensures maximum resale value for any Timmis-Ford V-8 kept in good condition. Should resale become necessary, the company is always willing to assist.


Weight - lbs. 2,300
Height - in. 65.5
Length - in. 175.9
Width - in. 67.4
Wheelbase - in. 112.0
Drivetrain and Chassis
Transmission 3-SP Manual
Final Drive Ratios 3.30, 3.54, 3.55-1
Wheels Ford 16 in. wire spoke
Tires 6.00 x 16 tube type
Brake System hydraulic drum
Type L-head V-8
Bore & Stroke in. 3.187 x 3.75
Displacement cu. in. 239.4
B.H.P. @ R.P.M. 125 @ 3800
Est. Top Speed M.P.H. 100
Recommended Cruising M.P.H. 50
Fuel Economy M.P.G. 20
  • All equipment shown in this brochure is standard.
  • Delivery can be arranged by Timmis Motor Company Ltd. Persons wishing to visit, are advised to telephone the company prior to making travel arrangements.

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